Althon Factoring Services, providing the funding you need!


Althon Factoring Services, LLC has been servicing startups and large corporations in over 20 industries with their invoicing and financial needs. At Althon Factoring Services we specialize in helping the transportation industry with freight factoring.

Whether your business is a recent startup or an industry veteran, you are bound to experience financial strains at one time or another. When you encounter cash flow obstacles, Althon Factoring Services is there to assist you with our fast and simple invoice factoring options.

We do not require any long-term commitments, origination fees, or closing costs. Getting cash for your invoices with Althon Factoring Services is easier than with any other receivable factoring companies. Factoring is a well accepted financial tool for accelerating cash flow and avoiding the problems associated with slow-paying customers. Invoice Factoring and Receivable Financing makes cash available for business growth and expansion.

When you choose Althon Factoring Services for receivable factoring or accounts receivable financing we respond immediately with cash for your operation. With our credit and collection services we can help you manage your invoices and accounts receivable.

Factoring is not a loan so there is no debt repayment. Your own accounts receivable are turned into cash. Invoice factoring is a solution to cash flow problems for most businesses. With factoring, your company has access to funds that would not be available during a normal billing cycle.